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Wed, 12 Jun 2019 Source: ROSA

We got in touch with Gloria D Adiaph, owner of Nsaa Glow, who is currently using the ROSA Orders webshop to sell her Kente cloth.

Gloria Adipah, is a nurse by profession and hails from Peki Widome in the Volta Region. She is the third out of five children and from a family of 7.

Gloria has always been very passionate about artifacts hence the decision to venture into handwoven Kente clothes. She found that good quality Kente clothes in Ghana was expensive, compared to the cheaper ready-made mass-produced clothes, which she believed was slowly turning Ghanaians away from their own culture.

Gloria’s aims for Nsaa Glow is to use her Kente clothes and service to mainly help bridge the gap in people’s perception of ‘Made in Ghana’ cloths compared to imported foreign cloths. Encouraging Ghanaians to opt for homemade products, which in turn will also help with the country’s economy.

Nsaa Glow achieves this by, selling the HIGHEST quality Kente, which can be ordered from ROSA Orders app at AFFORDABLE prices.

The customer can also design their own patterns, choose their desired colours, pay in installments and get it delivered too.

That way everyone in Ghana can enjoy wearing made in Ghana customized Kente without being put off by the price.

By downloading the ROSA Orders app, you can find Nsaa Glow’s current collection and offers on her webshop. You can then order and pay directly from the app. If you would prefer to pay in cash upon delivery or in installments, an order can still be placed through the app and Gloria will contact you with further details about your order.

By joining the ROSA Orders platform, Gloria now is at an advantage from other Kente sellers in her area, as ALL APP USERS now have access to her collection.

Therefore, the potential to increase her sales and develop her brand are greater…and she didn’t even need a store to set up!

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So what are you waiting for, visit Gloria’s Nsaa Glow webshop by: Downloading “ROSA ORDERS” app at Google play or on the APP store or By using her WEBSHOP link

Get your Kente Today!!

Source: ROSA