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Statement from the Executive Women Network on CSE

EXECUTIVE WOMEN NETWORK LOGO The group is asking for a thorough investigation and full details of the proposed curriculum

Mon, 7 Oct 2019 Source:

The Executive Women Network (EWN) has joined the call for full probe and disclosure on the Comprehensive Sexuality Education curriculum (CSE).

In a brief statement issued by the Network, with membership comprising women in senior management and executive positions in private organizations and women entrepreneurs of well-established businesses, EWN called for a full inquiry into the matter, stating that the facts need to be clarified.

The statement signed by the executive council read “The Executive Women Network has followed with deep interest and concern the national conversation on the Comprehensive Sexuality Education. The Network lends its voice to the call by concerned parents, groups and the general public to call for a full probe and disclosure on the matter.

The education of the young people of this country is the single biggest determinant of our commitment to empowering them to be responsible adults and future leaders of this great nation. We all have an inexcusable responsibility to protect them from influences and practices that are at variance with our culture and norms.

“We call on the government to thoroughly investigate this matter and to make available to the public the full details of the proposed CSE curriculum”.

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