Business News Thu, 6 May 2010

Unilever Ghana dealers told not to accept nearing expiry goods

Takoradi, May 6, GNA - Dealers in Unilever Ghana products were on Thursday advised not to accept goods that were about to expire, to ensure that they sold wholesome goods to consumers.

Mr Joseph Tei Muno, Customer Marketing Officer of the Unilever Ghana, said the company produces quality products and therefore ensure that only those goods got to the open market.


He gave the advice at a day's seminar held in Takoradi for wholesalers and retailers of Unilever goods from the Western Region. He said since their goods took a longer period to dispose off, it would not be advisable to receive such products. A participant had asked whether or not to receive goods that were about three to four months to expire. Mr Muno said products that were about to expire within fours months should be returned to the factory for redistribution to traders, who would use them within that period even before the expiry date. The Customer Marketing Officer encouraged the traders to keep records of all transactions to help keep track of their performance and further advised that they adhere to the principles of the trading business, so that they do not incur loses. He urged the traders not to trespass to trade in areas not recommended for them, in order not to create confusion with other trading partners. Customers who have traded in Unilever Ghana goods for longer period were presented with prizes such as electrical gadgets, roofing sheets, certificates and wax prints among others.

Source: GNA