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Tue, 23 Mar 2021 Source: GNA

Papa Yaw Biney, a 30-year-old pineapple seller, on Tuesday encouraged the youth to venture into the sale of pineapple as it is lucrative.

"Pineapple selling business is very lucrative and I am entreating the youth who are jobless to engage in it to make a living," Papa Biney told the Ghana News Agency in an interview at Tema.

Papa Biney who had been selling pineapple for 17 years disclosed that the business was quite profitable and admonished the youth to enter into the trade, instead of looking for sometimes non-existing white-collar jobs.

To demonstrate the viability in the business, Papa Biney said through the trade he was able to acquire a parcel of land and commenced the cultivation of plantain and cocoa.

He considered the sale of pineapple as more profitable than selling other products like chewing sticks, gums, cooked eggs among others on the street as was accustomed with some youth in recent times.

"I make a double profit on each sales," he said and called on young people not to hesitate in venturing into the business.

"I am entreating the youth who are home and idling to engage in sale of pineapple to make a living and this will stop them from indulging in internet frauds and other criminal activities," he added.

He noted that pineapple unlike other fruits did not get bad quickly as it could stay fresh for three weeks when stored properly.

Mrs Priscilla Nyarko, a customer who frequented Papa Biney's Pineapple stand, explained that pineapple was good for menstrual disorders.

"I eat pineapples when in my menstrual week and it helps with good flow so I urge women to eat more pineapples," she said.

Ms Regina Tutua said she was using pineapple peelings for sobolo juice and this gave it a nice taste and flavour.

Source: GNA
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