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Cocoa shortages force shutdowns at Ghana’s top processors - Bloomberg

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  • Aba 1 month ago

    Nothing nothing seems to be working

  • Sapi 1 month ago

    It's official. Ghana is now the most useless country in the World and Ghanaians are the most foolish creatures on earth.

  • Kojo Yankee 1 month ago

    Once you have demons like cargill and monsanto you have already lost ,these are destructive GMO arch devils who destroy your natural crops to replace it with their synthetic seeds. Ghana people fool paaa.

  • Blue Pen 1 month ago

    Ghana has great shortfall in cocoa production. Congratulations Mr Akufo Addo, Bawumia, Ofori Atta, Afriyie Akoto, Brian Acheampong, cocobod ceo Adu. Congratulations

  • Blue Pen 1 month ago

    You cannot run a nation or manage a national economy by propaganda

  • Mary 1 month ago

    What a disgrace! Absolute failure!

  • 1987 1 month ago

    We are not surprise at all.
    PBC is in a mess.
    Assets seized by banks for default.
    Yet Jack Toronto and his party want to break the eight. Yooo we hear.

  • Felix 1 month ago

    You be stupid to vote for them!they are criminals!

  • So the main income earner, that too is gone? 1 month ago

    So is there any single income earning area that has not been destroyed in this country? And when we talk, you will get apologists to come and defend and equalize.

  • Felix 1 month ago

    Even murderers and rapist have supporters. People who are benefiting from this government will obviously support them because when they are kicked out they are doomed for at least 8 years!

  • Nana Bromia AddoKokain 1 month ago

    That is what you see when leaders have no long-term vision. In the home too, when a father decides to give birth to many kids with no plan for their proper growth-education, mentorship etc, the kids grow to become strugglers ...
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  • Felix 1 month ago

    Great points, this is a message for the ashantes! They voted for this scammers and scoundrels, and still plans to vote for them.

  • Lohedau 1 month ago

    Cocoa farms turned to Galamsey sites, and many other adverse factors. Ghana under siege! This is not surprising.

  • Mary 1 month ago

    Even akuffo addo home has been converted into a galampsey pit! Wonders never end indeed!

  • Kpakpo 1 month ago

    Does the law of Ghana allow us to beat the hell out of our useless so call leaders? This people are destroying our country, if care is not taking a time would come there won't be anything to be proud of as a Ghanaian.

  • Kobby11_11 1 month ago

    I didn't know that per the gullible souls of NDC, Akuffo Addo, now controls the weather , or they couldn't comprehend the article, and are just bots programmed for afftack? Stupidity is a disease.

  • Cascious clay 1 month ago

    Sia, you want to defend this one too?an intelligent gov invests in irrigation.2024 and u still talking about weather.stop fooling

  • Just Chris 1 month ago

    Does irrigation help prevent heavy rain?just asking

  • Greed 1 month ago

    Galamsey is part of the problem. Most of the cocoa farms have been destroyed by the galamsey. A serious president can stop the galamsey. Those who suppose to fight the galamsey are the ones doing it

  • Ghana 1 month ago

    Does JM control Akosombo dam when u accused him of dumsor? Motherfucker

  • ABOWATOLIWA 1 month ago

    Everything Nana Addo touches turns into collapse. Worst leader Ghana has ever seen.

  • Ofori 1 month ago

    This is the result of having a cursed person and his useless veep as your country's leader.

  • Ghana 1 month ago

    N they are rather busy prosecuting the man that gave Ghana a huge cocoa harvest.. Ghana why did we do this to our country? Am not a fan of JM, but JM is many miles ahead of this scammer npp government..

  • Social Moral 1 month ago

    Galamsey is destroying cocoa sector.Cocoa farmers your vote for Mahama will collapse cocoa farmers crops because Mahama has promised he will allow universities to train galamseyers to destroy cocoa farms and forests reserves ...
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  • Fuckyoughanaweb 1 month ago

    Wegyimi kraa dodo, use your sense small

  • Bompata Krukuro 1 month ago

    Wua bodam paa.wo ye kwasea mu kwasea paaa