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Ken Ofori-Atta is Ghana's worst finance minister - Nana Aba Anamoah

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  • Abiboy 1 month ago

    He is still there
    By the way, his reappointment can be likened to what you nana aba got at your Media station . I he's taken to Higher position where nobody is gonna blame him for any economic woes

  • Sapi 1 month ago

    It's official. Ghana is now the most useless country in the World and Ghanaians are the most foolish creatures on earth.

  • Kojo 1 month ago

    Who is this are u a Ghanaian.????? I think what u said is about your family and u. I. Sorry.

  • Kofi USA 1 month ago

    @Sapi ... I can sense jealousy in your tone and choice of words. Jealousy is a dangerous thing that converts people from thinking correctly in foolishness ... and its in demonstration right here.

  • King 1 month ago

    What’s wrong with this second hand prostitute ??
    You don’t even know your name. Only in the jungle

  • Nana Aba Anamoah IF I WERE YOU... 1 month ago

    I would have stayed away from political commentary. Because you know, people will not interrogate your subject but your private life. And you know that your private life hasn't been private at all

  • nana addo 1 month ago

    Time will tell.
    These bunch of criminals will answer one day.
    Their 1st to 10th unborn generations shall never and ever have peace.
    The Ghana peoples stolen cash shall diminish.
    Poverty and incurable diseases shall befall ...
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  • Towncrier 1 month ago

    And you have been an excellent manager at your small struggling station that was set up with people's deposits into a bank, right? Do you know what it takes to manage an economy in these our circumstances? To keep the power o ...
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  • Marcus 1 month ago

    Quotation Master Ken Ofori Atta Always Quoting From That Kwaku Ananse Story's Book To Support His Budget THE LORD WILL TAKE US, THE MOSES AND ISRAELITES AND MOST OF ALL THE BATTLE IS THE LORD

  • Okponglo Guy 1 month ago

    And what does the Girl’s prefect of Slay Queens know about economic management?

    He stopped people from chopping nyafu nyafu. He was trying to save us from running to IMF day one. There would have been no free SHS and ...
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  • Okponglo Guy 1 month ago

    Cleaned up the banking sector to save the economy from collapse during the first four years. Ask all the big wigs whose banks were stealing deposits why they are quiet. The BOG under Mahama exercised zero oversight.

  • Ex-Pope 1 month ago

    How can he be Ghana's worst Finagle Minister when he has just been elevated to the lofty position of Julor House Special Envoy for Galamsey Collections?

  • You this f@@lish old girls' prefect and your arrogance 1 month ago

    Whenever I hear this ahyawo on politics, I get annoyed. Kwasia you are not getting enough support from your sugar daddies because he is not making them chop the money anyhow so you are how talking trash. What the fvck do you ...
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  • Bompata Krukuro 1 month ago

    The best finance ministers provide Ghana only 2 interchanges and the worse provides 8 interchanges.The best finance minister watch as hospitals lack beds and buys scraps ambulances for Ghana while the worst finance minister m ...
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  • Maha 1 month ago

    Is that all? You are very myopic. My son who just graduated from high school could buy ambulances and even better ones! How can buying of am ambulance be an achievement?

  • Bompata Krukuro 1 month ago

    Is because Mahama has fool you.mahama is only coming to steal and destroy cocoa and agriculture products so Ghana imports cassava.import water.Mahama is very dangerous for ghana.