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IMF Managing Director congratulates Dr. Amin Adam after his appointment as finance minister

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  • Abraziaa 1 month ago

    IMF is Africa problem always supporting criminals African leaders akufo addo is a thieve and criminal

  • Elephant Farmer 1 month ago

    Madam Boss you're great but you will surely suffer chocolate next Xmas. We can't pay Farmers for cocoa beans after Harvest. So sorry Madam. They need to smuggle cocoa beans to neighboring countries cause nobody can pay them. ...
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  • julie south 1 month ago

    IMF woman too?
    She is a disaster.
    She supervised collapse of our economy.

  • Thief of Staff - Akosua Frema 1 month ago

    Stupid, senseless, shameless, corrupt and primitive woman. Kwasiaa buuluubuuluuu.

  • COD 1 month ago

    Dr. Amin Adam, is deservedly congratulated by IMF because he is a corrupt fellow to whom IMF can easily dictate to just like Knucklehead Ofori Atta.

  • Kwam 1 month ago

    Is the IMF a business entity established to make profits or a probono organization? If they are to make profits then there is no need to applause them. Because we will pay back in the near future

  • Lion 1 month ago

    IMF and world bank are criminal organizations. Offices of IMF world bank, USAID, UKAID, DANIDA, UN, Lydia producers of condoms that genetically destroys and sterilize our youths and all those organizations must be burned and ...
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  • Hussein 1 month ago

    IMF is part of the problem. This idiot of a lady know that this guy has no answers to Ghana’s problems. IMF has sat there and watched while a small group of people have robbed this country. You should all pack and leave.

  • legend 1 month ago

    they are congratulating another puppet who ios mentally derailled but blind folded by PhD and is a certified Economist at that.... the cluelesssness continues... as for the woman heading the Britain woods institution is anoth ...
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