Fashion Mon, 14 Dec 2015

6 simple ways to look corporate yet irresistible

Everyone wants to look irresistible everyday but some believe you can’t achieve that in corporate clothes.

That’s not true! You can look dashing and corporate at the same time.

You do not have to break the office rules of conduct to look trendy and stand out.

Here are a few tips to help you achieve the look you want and turn heads while looking smart, decent and official:


Tone down your make-up

You do not need heavy make-up to look beautiful at work, it is, in fact, a deviation from an official look and attracts the wrong kind of attention.

Heavy make-up at work would leave you looking stressed at the end of the day if not well maintained. But light make-up would help you look pretty and ready for the day’s tasks.

Use nice and simple jewelry


Huge dangling earrings, large costumes, nose rings, knuckle rings are unacceptable in the corporate world, but you don’t need to over accessorize in order to look trendy at work.

Simple jewelry works like magic. Without being too loud, it helps you look pretty and classy. Pearls, simple necklaces and not costumes would help you achieve this look.

Do not wear clothes with frayed materials

Wear clothes with materials that are neat and presentable. You cannot look irresistible in frayed- worn out materials.


They are an eye-sore and would give you a rough and dirty look. You need to know what clothes are to be hand washed and what clothes are to be machine washed. Improper maintenance of your wardrobe could leave you with frayed, faded and even torn clothes.

Keep your hair simple

I’m sure you do not want your hair getting in the way of everything you’re doing. If the length is a problem then keep it in a bun.

Guys, keep a clean low cut. and if it’s a little afro, keep it tidy and always black. That’s a classy way to look at work.

Matching socks and ties

If you are going to look simple, you can make it stylish and trendy as well. matching socks and tie is the new trend for men.

Matching shoes and belts

As much as you think people do not notice your belts and shoes, they do. A brown leather belt and brown shoe, for example would go beautifully well. It would help you achieve a simple, smart and also fashionable look.

Source: Expressng.com