Abeiku Santana is a hypocrite, a wolf in a sheep skin - Arrested blogger

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Wed, 14 Nov 2018 Source: svtvafrica.com

Chief Editor of Ghsplash.com, Ohemaa Candace, has describe ace journalist, Abeiku Santana as hypocrite and a ship in a wolf skin.

Candace who was recently arrested for publishing a fake story about actor Kwadwo Nkansah said she was surprised at how Abeiku Santana behave towards her when the issue came up.

In an interview with host, Ayisha Bayipa on SVTV Africa, the blogger explained that, Abeiku Santana was very nice to her when she got to Peace FM, so she was very surprised when same Abeiku Santana was pushing hard, instigating for her arrest.

"When he saw me at Peace FM, he was very nice to me and he asked me what I came to do here, then right in front of me he begun shouting pushing and instigating for my arrest, he convinced Fadda Dickson, Lil win for my arrest, I was surprised, who are you". She added.

Asked how she felt at that moment, she replied "I don't want to use any harsh word but he is hypocrite, the devil himself."

Candace furthered that, she has forgiven everyone except Abeiku Santana.

Ohemaa Candace is the Chief Editor of Ghsplash.com, an entertainment and lifestyle blog.

Source: svtvafrica.com