Actress Ingrid Alabi and Prince David Osei kiss in public

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Fri, 14 Oct 2016 Source: nkonkonsa.com

There hasn’t been any rumors yet about actor Prince David Osei and actress Ingrid Alabi in a romantic relationship but as they say ‘nothing can be hidden under the sun’.

The two have sparked rumors of a possible steaming relationship between them after they locked lips in public over the weekend.

Screen goddess Ingrid Alabi and Prince posed for the paparazzi on the red carpet at the premiere of new movie “Happily Never After” on Saturday October 8, 2016 at Silverbird Cinema inside Accra Mall and decided to give a little public display of affection.

While posing together their lips got too close and Ingrid decided to plant a kiss on Prince David Osei’s lips and this was captured by Nkonkonsa.com. Prince David looked surprised but one couldn’t tell if he was genuinely shocked by Ingrid’s kiss or they were both just acting for the cameras as both of them are from the ‘make believe’ fraternity.

Checkout the video below :

Source: nkonkonsa.com