Adolf Tagoe calls on musicians to get involved in the fight against drug abuse

AdolfTagoe Rokpokpodance Adolf Tagoe

Tue, 17 Jul 2018 Source: Nana Reagan

Afro pop artist Adolf Tagoe has adviced that musicians on drugs should kill the habit and rather join forces to campaign and encourage the youth to avoid the use of drugs, and instead use their talent to improve their lives and participate in activities designed to develop the country.

The musician and businessman in a phone interview said, he disagree with people who believe that drug abuse and music seem to go hand-in-hand. According to him, he has been doing music for a very long time now and has never been involved in drugs. He said it a choice you make in your career as a musician.

Adolf who released "419 Lover" early this year and preparing to drop another song, urged musicians to kick against the habit.

"It is really sad to go through the lists of musicians who should be here but aren’t because they couldn’t let go of drugs. It is also worrying how we watch our fans or followers abuse drugs especially tramadol (tramol) and sleep over it. This is not fun and I wish musicians in this country will come together to fight such habits" - he said.

Adolf also disclosed that he's ready to partner any group of musicians who share the same concerns to work to unravel the linkage between drug abuse and music.

The singer believe they can use music-centred campaigns, such as road shows to support a drug-free lifestyle, and also involve themselves in regular educational talk programmes.

"I strongly believe this will go and long way to reduce crime in the country and also nurture more talents in our industry" he stated

Source: Nana Reagan