Music Thu, 8 Apr 2010

Akosua Agyapong @20 sabotaged?

Management of Media Excel Production, the events and artistes management company that powered the Akosua Agyapong@20 concert has stated on record that they suspect strong sabotage,...

...in the unexpected power cut which abruptly ended the show at the tail end of the event, at the Accra International Conference Centre on Saturday March 27, 2010. Speaking on “Entertainment Review” aired on Peace FM, Mr. Ernest Kwasi Ennin, Executive Director of Media Excel, said there are several indication to back his claim.

“I have every right to say that the programme was sabotaged, because right from the beginning people had shown signs of sabotage”, he said. He referred to an earlier warning which Socrate `Sarfo gave Akosua on the same programme to beware of an imminent ‘light off’, on the afternoon before the show.

“Socrate mentioned it about three to four times on the program that she should prepare for light off. Where he got his information from, or how he was able to know that, I don’t know”. Mr Ennin stated, that even at the venue they hung three 15x15 banners on three different occasions and on all three occasion some unknown persons took them off.


He said the police was able to intercept the third culprit. Upon interrogation the suspect who is still in police custody gave a flimsy excuse that he taught the programme was over. According to Ernest the suspect finally confessed that someone sent him to take it off but he refused to mention the person’s name.

He also recalled a suspicious phone-call Nii Armah Amarteifio, Media Director of Media Excel received from an unknown person. “Somebody called Nii with a private line asking him why they are over hyping Akosua Agyapong’s event like that; doesn’t he know that Ghana Music Awards is coming on? So considering all this and what happened at the main event. I think it is beyond just a mere incident”.

When Kwasi Aboagye asked Mr. Ennin to mention the name of the person he thinks is behind the alleged sabotage, he said “I know who was doing that but I can’t stand on radio and mention the name because the police are investigating the whole issue. How come the Conference Centre authorities could not back us up with their stand by plant? I don’t know because up till now they have not been able to give any reason”, he said.

Assessing the extent of damage caused by the double power interruption Kwasi said four giants speakers and 8000 Megawatts amplifiers all belonging to Master Mix Sound have been destroyed beyond repairs. High definition video cameras, lights and other gadgets were also damaged.

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