Apply wisdom in your communication – Socrate Safo to Lutterodt

Socrate Safo Ss Socrate Safo, Film Classification Committee chair

Sat, 11 Jul 2020 Source: Justice Walker, Contributor

Chairman of the Film Classification Committee, Socrate Safo has described George Lutterodt as someone who lacks wisdom in communication.

This comes after Counsellor George Lutterodt in a live television programme stated that rape victims enjoy the act.

There has been a petition to get the counsellor off-air.

Sharing the video in which Counselor Lutterodt made the comment, actress Ama K Abebrese condemned the act saying:

“This is highly irresponsible and very dangerous rhetoric that fuels sexual violence and rape culture. He claims he has spoken to ‘many rape victims’ and his assertions are based on that. Despicable."

“This man Lutterodt is a rape apologist simple. One of the worse I have seen because he masquerades with the title of ‘counsellor’ to essentially justify and normalise rape culture with a reprehensible statement that ‘all victims of rape enjoy the act’,” she added.

But movie producer Socrate Safo, who is now the Chairman of the Film Classification Committee says there is a bit of technical truth in the words spewed by the Counselor adding that, he refused to add public wisdom to his communication.

While speaking on the ‘Best Entertainment Show’ on Okay FM with Halifax Ansah-Addo, Mr Safo said Counselor Lutterodt speaks raw to the masses, indicating that has been his challenge.

”Even Jesus Christ, the son of God, upon all his powers when preaching to the masses, he spoke in proverbs knowing the level of maturity, the level of understanding of human beings, he mostly spoke in parables. Counselor is not communicating with common sense, Counselor is not applying wisdom to his communication. He speaks raw to the masses, that has been his biggest challenge since day one.” he said.

The renowned movie producer noted that "if Counselor changes his communication approach to a better level, he would rather build society than destroying always. There’s a bit of truth in whatever he said but the communication. Wisdom is how you apply your trade depending on the person at the receiving end”.

Source: Justice Walker, Contributor
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