Are you crazy? - Andy Dosty to Shatta Wale

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Mon, 16 Dec 2019 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Radio presenter Andy Dosty cannot fathom Shatta Wale's behaviour towards him over the weekend and is posing a rhetorical question to the dancehall artiste in that regard.

"Is he crazy or something?" He asked on the Daybreak Hitz show, Monday.

According to Andy Dosty, he dared Shatta Wale on Twitter to release a song for Christmas and even suggested the title of the song to him.

Surprisingly, Shatta Wale later responded that he had recorded the song but will never give him a copy.

"This Shatta Wale boy, on Friday, we were having some discussions on Twitter. I tweeted that if you are champion, a true dancehall king, give us Christmas banger. I realised that people waded in the fray... I woke up this morning, he had tweeted that the bronya song is ready but I won't have it. Is he crazy or something? After giving you the title? He for not make I bore ooo," Andy Dosty said.

"If he is listening, or if anyone is listening, tell him to bring the song as soon as possible. If he doesn't bring the song, I'll curse it. I'm serious," the morning show host who recently released video for his 'Love You Die' song added.

I've forgiven Shatta Wale - Andy Dosty

In March this year, Andy Dosty indicated he had forgiven Shatta Wale after the dancehall artiste jabbed him.

The veteran disc jockey, during the Headline segment of his morning show, had asked listeners to share their views on a tweet by Shatta Wale which indicated that Ghanaian youth are not making money because they were lazy.

Shatta Wale who was displeased lambasted Andy Dosty despite being good friends.

A response by Andy Dosty as published by graphic.com.gh suggested that Shatta Wale had been disrespectful considering the unflinching support he [Andy Dosty] has given Shatta Wale over the years.

“I was that gentleman who came to Accra, took his CDs, went to Kumasi to share among radio stations and presenters; it was me. I drove around in Kumasi; my car, my fuel, showing him that love. Telling people there is a new kid on the block. I created a monster,” he stated.

In an interview on 3FM, the presenter explained that he bore no malice whatsoever against the Shatta Wale and had thought his post was one of the usual jokes he shared with the musician because they had a good relationship until he saw a video posted by Shatta Wale of an SM fan insulting him [Andy Dosty].

“There was a video of someone insulting me left, right and centre that he [Shatta Wale] has posted. That was when I saw the intensity of the matter,” Andy Dosty told MC Bobby.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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