Fashion Tue, 9 Dec 2014

Bead: That secret accessory to possess

Beads are small decorative objects that are formed in a variety of shapes and sizes from materials such as glass, plastic or wood which is pierced together for threading. They are categorised into glass beads, wood beads, base metal beads, mirage beads and gem stones.

It is now common knowledge that ladies love to look pretty not sparing any expense in choosing nice clothing, shoes or accessories. Both men and women look amazing with beads especially when worn right, interestingly enough beads are very much affordable irrespective of one’s taste.


In other countries, beads are used for praying, games and also used as currency. Here in Ghana, bead is the number one accessory most people would love to look chic in. For those with long necks, go for heavy beads to highlight the beauty of the neck, while simple beads go for short and heavy necks.

Interestingly, beads can be rocked with traditional, executive or casual wear depending on the occasion. Ghanaian celebrities can add beads to whatever they wear on red carpets whiles ordinary folks can add beads to their daily routine. Go on and wear a bead today.

Source: Linda Abrefi Wadie | GhanaWeb