Celebrities should go on strike over alcohol and betting advertisement ban - Wendy Shay

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Mon, 21 Nov 2022 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Ghanaian musician, Wendy Shay has challenged the Food and Drug Authority and Gaming Commission's decision to ban celebrities from advertising for alcoholic and betting companies in Ghana.

Wendy has urged her colleagues to come together and organize a massive protest that will register their displeasure and also cause the authorities to rescind their 'unwanted' directive which is an advantage to them.

The 'Heaven' singer made this submission on United Showbiz on Saturday, November 19, and called on local musicians to put a halt on releasing songs.

She believes that when musicians go on a strike, it will prove that they are indeed not in favour of the ban that has caused them to lose thousands of dollars in terminated endorsement deals following the directive.

"It is common to see institutions and industries hit the streets, nurses can go on strike but in the music industry, my colleagues are slow to act. If indeed we want this to be effective, we just have to act, it is no big deal.

"We can come together and organize a campaign to tell them to lift that ban and until the ban is lifted, we are not going to do any music. That could have been the solution but I know many of us will not come together for this. I have been one of the artistes who have been pushing the agenda for the ban to be lifted," she disclosed in the interview monitored by GhanaWeb.

Meanwhile, artiste manager Mark Darlington Osae has sued the FDA and Attorney General, Godfred Yeboah Dame over the ban on celebrities from advertising for alcoholic beverages in Ghana.

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