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Choirmaster and Beverly reveal challenges they face after four years of marriage

Musician Choirmaster and actress Beverly Afaglo four years ago came together as husband and wife. Both entertainers years after their marriage have told Hitz FM’s Mzgee that they quarrel but they make sure things are solved before they go to bed.

The actress who said she would not pretend her relationship with the musician is free of arguments disclosed their union faces challenges like any other marriage. “Of course you fight, you argue and get over it. Sometimes you go out to get some air and that’s it. We come back and apologize to each other and we movie on.” Beverly narrated.

Choirmaster added, “Getting upset doesn’t mean it’s the end of everything. We are able to handle ourselves when there are petty issues because at the end of the day the love that we have for each other binds everything”.

The husband later disagreed with the wife who said she does not think their four-year boyfriend-girlfriend relationship has contributed to the success of their legal marriage.

“It marked the beginning of the whole relationship. The first four years was when we knew we really had affection for each other and that made us realise that we can even continue. So through that four years, we had the chance of studying each other to see if we could be a team together.”


Beverly who disagreed with her hubby also opined that “I don’t think four or ten is enough to know somebody from a distance. We never lived together. I wasn’t brought up that way to go and stay with my boyfriend. Basically, it was always visit your boyfriend and you are back at home. You just get to cook for him once in a while so you do not see some sides of him. And definitely in relationships you will hide some sides of you.”

According to her, God who has been the pillar of her house is making her marriage stronger by the second.

When Mzgee asked if their celebrity status makes them cautious in their dealings with each since the report of any bad happenings in their marriage will bring them shame, the head of the house, Choirmaster real name Eugene Baah answered, “For us we got married because we love each other. We are celebrities and we are careful with what we even tell the media but at the end of the day, it’s about you”

The woman of the house hurriedly added, “You can’t live for anybody. Excuse me to say if I’m in an abusive marriage, I don’t think I will still be with him because of what people will say. I don’t live like that. I will move out. And if he even beats me, I’ll lock him. I’ll call police”

Beverly Afaglo further advised couples to solve their differences whenever they face trouble because “they are not the first to encounter such situation. Those who solved theirs have same number of heads as yours”

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