Entertainment Tue, 22 Jun 2010

Citizen Kofi hosts Hollywood actor, Jimmy Jean-Louis

Actor Jimmy Jean-Louis has paid a visit to Citizen Kofi Entertainment Centre, where he was taken on a tour by management of facility. The Haiti-born Hollywood actor, who was recently in Ghana to film Leila Djansi’s psychological drama ‘Sinking Sands’, was at Citizen Kofi to unwind before catching his flight out of the country later in the evening.

At Citizen Kofi, Jimmy was met by the Events Manager, Rex Brobbey and Marketing Manager, Seth Miah. After a brief introduction the actor was taken through the floors of the most imposing entertainment edifice in the city of Accra. The journey started from the Accra Bar on the ground floor through to Club Kofi on the first floor, Money High Life on the second floor, and the Hollywood Lounge on the third floor.

The actor also visited the Restaurant Xango on fourth floor as well as the Sky Bar on the fifth floor. Jimmy was introduced to the master chef and some waiters on the terrace of the Sky Bar, where he sat with his hosts to have some drinks and an engaging discussion. He also had the opportunity to taste the ‘Avokele Salad’, which is a fast growing Citizen Kofi specialty.


Jimmy and his hosts later moved down to the Hollywood Lounge, where they enjoyed the World Cup fixture between Spain and Honduras on SuperSport HD and in VIP style. Jimmy who plays for the Hollywood United FC enjoyed the football match, which ended 2-0 in favour of Spain before heading out of the building. On his way out, he met Dr Kofi Amoah, owner of the Citizen Kofi Entertainment Centre for a short interaction before finally leaving the premises.

Jimmy was impressed with the investment in Citizen Kofi and enjoyed his stay at the entertainment centre. He said he would surely love to repeat the experience anytime he visits Ghana again. He believes that it is time for Ghanaians living abroad to return home to invest in all sectors of the economy and on his part, said he would love to be involved in a lot in Ghana from product endorsements to exciting movie roles. The actor can soon be seen in ‘Sinking Sands’ which is set for release in October as well as an upcoming documentary on Haiti.

Source: Ameyaw Debrah