Entertainment Sun, 4 Dec 2016

Constance Swaniker donates art pieces to Ashesi

Constance Swaniker, CEO of Accents and Arts Limited

CEO of Accents and Arts Limited, Constance Swaniker, has donated four art pieces to Ashesi. The gesture helps bring fresh creative inspiration, and new life, to the spaces they are in around campus.

“I paid a working visit to [Ashesi’s President] a few months ago, and during our conversation he spoke extensively about wanting to bring more public art to campus,” says Constance. “He also spoke with me about philanthropy and its impact on Ashesi. As a fellow Ghanaian who believes in Ashesi’s vision, I believe it is necessary to advocate for more giving in Africa. This is why I gave the gift of four pieces of my work. I am hoping this gesture will be a catalyst for getting more artists to see the need to give back.”

To Constance, this is the first step towards bringing many more art pieces to Ashesi.

“My dream is to see beautiful art in all corners of the campus, in the hope that it inspires students, faculty and staff.

Be sure to look out for our new friends next time you go on a walk around campus!

Source: at.ashesi.edu.gh