Coping with morning show - Lexis Bills

Fri, 10 Jun 2011 Source: nanayaw18.com

The host of Ghana’s total entertainment morning show on Hitz 103.7 fm a sister radio station to Joy 99.7fm Louis Sakyiama aka Lexis Bill revealed that, ‘the ability to run a smooth four hour entertainment show every week day in this age of politics driven era is just splendid and AWESOME but he owes it to God plus his team of cracked outside the box brains thinkers.

Lexis Bills who started radio presenting from Kumasi Xtacy radio in the Ashanti region also made known that, ‘even if there is no challenge I try to make the task a challenge and that feeling knowing that I have a task to fulfill, is just awesome’.

Lexis Bill drives the nation to work every week day morning on the same plat form with the guru’s in morning shows but the formal host of ‘LICKED’ inside Xtacy radio is able to drive a majority of Ghanaians to work just as these gurus. This he explained the trick behind it as, ‘ well the team that stand behind me is strong, we try to select topics that will meet the desire of listeners to contribute to the show and we also follow our rules, hence we have divided the show into different segments, making sure the masses are satisfied’. Hitz Fm’s morning show is one of the shows that can actually open phone in segments about four times and still have listeners, just because of the way Lexis Bill drives the morning hot Cab, especially when he knows the right music to play, right words to say and the right questions to ask during interactions with his listeners. Lexis Bill has a niche in interviewing; his approach to celebrities who happen to be on his show has always been on point. His right composure, attitude, responses, feedbacks and questions to celebs always make listeners get to know the hidden part of their favorite actor or musician. ‘The awesomeness about this whole challenging but interesting job of mine is when your listeners are so much appreciative of what you doing’, Lexis Bill lamented.

Lexis Bill host of the recently held MPEG awards also passed a jovial comment that, once he opened his phone lines, to get interactive with his listeners, a lady called and said, if I hear your voice every morning it makes me strong, please don’t go on leave again this year, jokily he (lexis Bill) agreed but for that listener it was not a mere joke, it meant business, so every time the lady calls or hits him on face book, that is the first greeting, ‘You promised never to go on leave this year, just remembering you’, truly that means people lights are turned on with my voice and that I give thanks to God.

Lexis Bill has interviewed averagely majority of the big names in the industry from Movie to Music to fashion and television stars plus young uprising achievers.

Catch the hard working vibrant Mr. Sweet talker on day break hitz on hitz 103.7fm every week day at 6am to 10pm for the best in information, lifestyle, music, movies and entertainment varieties.

Source: nanayaw18.com