Music Mon, 30 Aug 2010

Criss Waddle Runs His Own Mixtape

Ghana Music.com can proudly say that a few MCs are stepping their mixtape game up. Criss Waddle is the latest to join the mixtape world. His mixtape is strong, potent and competitive right now.

This year alone, we've seen J-Town, Infectious, Bra Kevin, Skillions, Klu-Monsta drop product off in the streets and the internet.

We asked Waddle the young boy with the biggest mixtape at the moment, “Run This Town” and what he thought about the state of mixtapes right now. He said everyone has to come with their best.

"I think that when creating a mixtape, you have to approach it with a good mind-set. There aren't that many people that are that good”, Criss Waddle told us.

Song We Can't Stop Playing: Criss Waddle "Run This Down" freestyle. Criss Waddle represents Tema and R2Bees massive in the song over 'Run This Town' beat. Essential Info: He tells his fans how he will run Tema in New York City at where he is based, always partying and wants to murder Jay Z 's 'Run This Town' beat.

Now that the cat is out of the bag and he wants MCs to know he is all about winning.A bonafide property of R2Bees, Waddle hopes to drop more mixtapes before announcing his debut album.

Source: Nii Atakora Mensah/ Ghana Music.com