DJ Switch’s trainer cries of sideline in the success story of the young star

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Mon, 8 Oct 2018 Source: presspeep.com

The unknown face behind the scenes that trained Winner of TV3's talented Kidz Season 8, Erica Tandoh popularly known as DJ Switch,is disappointed at how the star DJ and her guardians have failed in telling his contributions in honing the talent of the young DJ to the world.

The young DJ, not long ago, was listed as one of the many speakers at this year’s Goalkeepers 2018 in New York City by Bill Gates – where she performed to the admiration of some world leaders and celebrities like: Melinda Gates, Bill Gates, Ed Sheeran, Fatoumata Diawara, Nancy Kacungira, The Brooklyn Youth Chorus and a host of other carefully selected speakers from around the world to share their stories of challenges, innovation, and leadership.

Though DJ Switch’s mother has not on record, stated that she nor her husband, trained the now famed DJ Switch before she contested for the Talented Kidz reality show, she rarely mentions the contributions of the secret hand behind her child’s success story — something the trainer of the star DJ Fuad, feels disappointed, because, recognition is a key booster to everyone's life.

According to DJ Fuad, his disappointment started when he begun receiving numerous calls from journalists (who knew the efforts he put in grooming DJ Switch) alerting him of how reports on DJ Switch have it that she was trained by her parents, Mercury Quaye (Founder – Ghana DJ Award), among an endless list of people.

He continued that the calls intensified from some friends and media guys, after DJ Switch returned from her participation at this year’s Goalkeepers, where his attention was drawn to how DJ Switch’s trainer was described as a “village bad DJ” in a circulating video on DJ Switch on social media.

Knowing his salt, he said he ignored those descriptions but believes the description “village bad DJ” is derogatory and denigrating to a young DJ (DJ Scratch) he trains who happens to help in training DJ Switch too. According to DJ Fuad, he knew he will be sidelined someday the very day he heard that attribution to DJ Scratch.

“I’m only granting this interview because I just want the story to be told as it is. I trained her, so that village DJ, goes to describe me, since many know I trained her. For them (DJ Switch guardians), to talk about the village DJ alone means that apart from him, nothing else contributed to where she has come thus far” an obviously bitter DJ Fuad said.

He added that he also received another video in which DJ Switch confessed in an interview that in a village where there’s no DJ, she had to practice on her own. Crestfallen DJ Fuad feels “that is quite a dishonesty.”

DJ Fuad made all those revelations plus more in an exclusive interview with Kofi TV.

Watch full interview below:

Source: presspeep.com
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