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Ebony covers up again at 'Bonyfied' Concert

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The anticipation of fans were completely crushed when their ‘bad gyal’ artiste, Pricilla Opoku Agyeman known in showbiz as Ebony Reigns, showed up completely covered up for her biggest performance of the year; Bonified Soloku concert.

Known widely for her raunchy dressing which has stirred up controversy countless times already, her followers looked forward to ‘something big’ from the dancehall artiste as she organized her first ever concert.

Their craving was cut short when on one of her biggest nights, Ebony decided to appear on stage in an attire, covering all her vitals and revealing almost nothing.

In a pretty unusual style, Ebony walked onto the performance floor at the ‘Bonified Soloku Concert’, in a white skirt and top for the first performance with Kurl Songz and a pretty ‘decent’ black outfit for the second, compared to those from her previous performances.

Reactions from fans at the event was one of utter dissappointment as many complained.

This will be the second in sequence the most-watched female artist has appeared for performances, all covered up. It will be recalled that she wore similar clothes at the corporate launch of her ‘Bonyfied’ album at the Golden Tulip Hotel on Wednesday December 6, 2017.

The raunchy dressing of dancehall artist, Ebony Reigns, has for some time now been, a subject of public debate, attracting views of both industry players and persons outside the entertainment circles. Gospel artiste Celestine Donkor and MUSIGA President Bice Osei Kufour are few examples of those who have waded into the debate.

The ‘Bonified Soloku Concert’, sponsored by Soloku Bitters, another brand from Kasapreko, was attended by many industry personalities and persons from the corporate domain. The event which was held at the West Hills mall in Weija saw performances from supporting acts including Epixode, Eno, Kurl Songx, Gemini and many others and it was a free concert for her fans.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com