Guru Releases "Lapaz Toyota"

Mon, 17 Oct 2011 Source: Nana Yaw Wiredu

Hip Life artiste Guru, known in real life as Nana Yaw Adjei Maradona was recently caught on his Black Berry Messenger status, thanking God for his release after been caught in a lapaz Toyota.

As soon we read that, we quickly contacted the artiste on his phone and he gladly obliged to our question.

Did u steal a Lapaz Toyota car from lapaz, which is a suburb in Accra? The Hip life rap weight who is full of controversy stressed that he did not steal any lapaz Toyota car but rather he has released a lapaz Toyota onto the market.

Guru said: ‘the information you heard is very true, the lapaz Toyota car you heard is actually my new single release onto the market produced by Ball Jay inside Spintex just for the fans to swing to it’.

He later gave the idea of the single release as, when I heard the beat from Ball Jay, it sounded very different, so I decided to do justice to the beat but when I completed my recording I need the name for it hence Lapaz Toyota since that is where all the big car ports can be found.

Lapaz Toyota as wired as it may sound in your ears is very danceable and well recorded hence every music lover will enjoy listening to it.

In his final words, Guru said, this song is all for the fans, those who want to dance their sorrows out and those who want to make merry with it; hence they should spread the song like Wi Fi.

The controversy never stops as Guru brings another master piece of a work called Lapaz Toyota; listen to your local radio station for more information about the song.

Source: Nana Yaw Wiredu