Freda Rhymz jabs TV host for asking if Eno is 'king of female rappers'

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Sun, 14 Jun 2020 Source: Razz News

No long ago some female artists of the Ghanaian Music industry waged war, releasing diss songs and engaging in physical combats with each other.

Involved in the war were Eno Barony (Self-acclaimed rap goddess and King of the female rap artistes)and Sister Derby (The African Mermaid)against Freda Rhymz of Young Mission Entertainment, singer-turned-rapper, Sister Afia, Ohemaa Dadao and others.

Apparently, Eno's claim of the crown did not settle well with the rest of the female rap artistes including Freda Rhymz.

On 'Entertainment City' hosted by controversial broadcaster, Nana Adwoa Annan on Atinka TV, Freda Rhymz who was responding to Eno Barony's assertion, said the 'Heavy Load' rapper has every right to say what she said, but she cannot extend her kingship on her.

The prolific female rapper defended that if Eno is a King, then she is in her own lane and territory, but not over her.

"She can claim whatever crown she wants to claim, that's accepted, but then it's in her lane. Everyone has their lane," said Freda Rhymz.

Sounding extremely disdained the 'point of correction' rapper upon persuasion to answer whether she accepts Eno's kingship jabbed the hostess, Nana Adwoa Annan by stating that," asking whether I accept Eno's kingship over me is demeaning to my brand and I cannot take that".

Kindly watch the interview below!

Source: Razz News