Friends of Nana Aba Anamoah defend her twitter lie

Nana Aba Anamoah TV3.jpeg Nana Aba Anamoah

Wed, 30 Sep 2015 Source: razzonline.com

Popular TV presenter, Nana Aba Anamoah, in the last couple of months, has maintained such a strong presence on twitter.

Her love for Manchester United and her impressive chatter with her followers have won her many admirers and have kept her handle very vibrant and active.

However, the vibrant twitter lover went missing on the platform after it was discovered that she lied about her appearance at Old Trafford, the stadium for Manchester United over the weekend to watch the football match between Manchester United and Sunderland.razzonline.com

For the past days, she has been the center of severe trolling, backlash and memes, all on twitter after the real owners of the photos she ‘photo shopped’ exposed her supposed lies about her being present at the Stadium.

In the midst of all the fun being poked at the award-winning presenter, some of her celebrity friends are trying to come up with all manner of explanations to defend her case.

Some claim that Nana Aba’s antic on twitter was only a joke. According to some of them, she knew her followers will know the photos she posted on her handle were ‘photo shopped’ and she only played along just to keep her page interesting.

“You guys should know that Nana Aba knows her followers are intelligent. She knew that the photos she posted were altered and even a 3 year old would know this. She only did all that to create fun on her handle,” one friend stated on facebook.

Another celebrity friend defended her on radio, stating; “Common, she has been at the Stadium before; she has been in London and many other countries before. She knows better and will not intentionally do this.”

Some even went on to insinuate that her twitter handle was hacked.

“In this era, anything is possible. Maybe her twitter handle was hacked. It is possible, her twitter handle was hacked into and all those photos exhibited.”

The excuses and explanations from her friends have done little to the many twitter followers who are having a field day making mockery of the presenter and drawing lots of memes of the ‘New Day’ host.

Interestingly, the very vocal presenter kept mute in the midst of the entire melee throughout the weekend and when she finally decided to break her silence; it was not to claim that, the post was a joke or her account was hacked, but; she went further to post a photo of the ticket she claims gave her entry into the Old Trafford stadium.

To call her bluff, some persons who actually went to see the game, posted photos of their tickets and stated that, she was not seen anywhere close to her supposed seat.

As expected, some other ‘celebs’ have taken a dig at her, adding on to the public ridicule.

Source: razzonline.com