Friendship isn't by force, I don't need you - Xandy Kamel angrily fires AJ Poundz

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Fri, 20 Nov 2020 Source: ghpage.com

Xandy Kamel has fired at her estranged friend AJ Poundz in a new video.

Onua FM Presenter AJ Poundz days ago in an interview revealed that her relationship with Xandy Kamel is not how it used to be.

The media personality noted that Actress Xandy Kamel’s recent attitude towards her is not the best, adding that she’s changed suddenly.

AJ Poundz reminisced what happened between them that she thinks is making the actress act cold towards her.

According to her, Xandy Kamel sometime ago passed a very bad remark against Gloria Sarfo calling her “frustrated idiot” after the latter reacted to an interview Xandy granted where she removed her panties.

AJ quickly came at Xandy on social media and condemned her for passing such a comment against a big Star like Gloria Sarfo.

She indicated since that moment on Xandy Kamel has been ignoring her on many occasions even though she tries hard to close the gap between them.

Rebutting to AJ Poundz, Xandy Kamel in a phone-in conversation on GhPage TV, she mentioned that she doesn’t need the former in her life and she should learn to come to terms with it.

Narrating her side of the story, Xandy said it’s true she angrily replied Gloria Sarfo over her comments following the interview she took off her panties. However, she did not expect AJ Poundz to join in.

According to her, the presenter is not a counsellor to tell her what to do or say hence she unfollowed her on social media and kept her distance.

Actress Xandy Kamel reaffirmed that friendship isn’t by force therefore cutting AJ Poundz from her life is the best decision besides she doesn’t bring or add anything to her life.

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Source: ghpage.com
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