George Quaye reveals why he left Charterhouse

Fri, 17 Jan 2020 Source: attractivemustapha.com

Public Relations and Events Specialist George Quaye who resigned from Charterhouse Productions as the Communications Director has revealed in a chat with Attractive Mustapha that one of the key reasons why he resigned is to have ample time and focus on his company Image Bureau.

Image Bureau is a 360 degree communications agency which also majors in events and audio visual productions.

George Quaye owns Image Bureau and have two other partners who are in charge of operations and legal affairs.

With about 14 years experience with Charterhouse Productions, it is obvious that IMAGE BUREAU is in for serious business.

George Quaye’s official resignation was announced early yesterday in a statement copied to attractivemustapha.com with Mr Robert Klah replacing him as Public Events and Communication Manager.

Source: attractivemustapha.com