Ghanaians share their best, worst Val’s day experiences

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Fri, 14 Feb 2020 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

In Ghana, just like in many parts of the world, Valentine’s Day is a big deal for lovers especially those who want to go the extra mile in proving their love. You are sure to incur extra cost if you have more partners.

Don’t get so excited, several heartbreaks have been recorded as persons get to finally know their stand in a relationship.

On Valentine’s Day edition of ‘Trending GH’, we spoke to some persons with unforgettable memories. Some people took the time to share their most memorable experiences while others recalled how they were stood up on the day. When it comes to matters of the heart some people have good and not so good experiences.

Val’s Day comes with a lot of expectations, women who are at the center of the celebrations receive lots of gifts usually in the form of chocolates, hampers, dinner dates, weekend getaways, you name it.

A female student with high expectations said, “Last year, I broke up with my boyfriend before Val’s Day, it was a painful feeling but this year, I am going on a date with my new boyfriend and I am super excited… I am hoping for the best Valentine’s Day ever”

You guessed wrong if you thought that the day was all about chocolates and romantic dates.

On Trending GH, we spoke to a gentleman from the University of Professional Students Accra (UPSA), who was planning to surprise his girlfriend with some sports betting odds, can you imagine? “I will give my girlfriend GH10.00 and some odds so she can use it to stake some bet, that’s all,” he said.

Some ladies whose expectations are not met have been bold enough to reject gifts considered as ‘cheap’. Your girlfriend might just want to prove to the ‘social media community’ that she has nailed the most caring man in the world and won’t risk it by accepting ordinary gifts.

“Back in school (SHS), he used his school fees to buy a gift for his girlfriend… she didn’t like the gift and throw it away. This was the worst experience ever witnessed,” says a gentleman who narrated his friend's ordeal on Val’s Day.

Most men feel cheated as all the attention and love goes out to the ladies. Just a handful of men have received gifts from their partners, but when they do, it is just the usual boxers, handkerchief, and chocolates.

“No one has done anything nice for me on Val’s Day…Ghanaians like taking they don’t like giving so I never get anything on Val’s Day. It is mostly the girls who ask a lot,” a male student from the University of Ghana shares his experience.

In Ghana, Valentine's Day which is celebrated on February 14, has been declared as 'National Chocolate Day' to create awareness on the need for Ghanaians to patronise cocoa products and to help generate more revenue for national development.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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