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Gospel artistes divided over marrying pastors

Gospel artistes are divided on whether to marry a pastor or not.

While some like Patience Nyarko and Sophia Asiedua have vowed not to marry pastors, others including Ceccy Twum and Rose Adjei prefer sharing their love with men of God, commonly referred to in local dialect as ‘Osofo’.

Patience explained that it was very difficult to be a pastor’s wife ‘Osofo Mame’ adding that although she was single, she had no plans of tying the knot with a man of God.

I am not ready to be an ‘Osofo Mame’ it should be a calling and I do not think I can play that role. I want to be myself.

It is better to stay away from all the ‘wahala’ (problem) that comes with being the wife of an Osofo. I want to stay true to myself and my God, she explained.

A new entrant on the gospel scene, Sophia Asiedua, also single, said she would not accept a proposal from a pastor because he would not understand showbiz.

Besides, he would have problems with his spouse whenever they attempt to go into show business.

I like the way I dress now and I know as a pastor’s wife, I will have to dress in a certain way. In fact, if I examine myself now, I don’t think I am ready yet, she added.

She explained that most pastors tend to control their spouses, especially when they are managing their wives who are into show business.

On the contrary, gospel diva, Ceccy Twum, who is married to Prophet Alex Twum of Word Vision International Ministry, said she had not regretted marrying a man of God, who has been always faithful, trustworthy, caring and loving.

She however, hinted that marrying a pastor was not easy since he attends to many people. Sometimes you would be having a pastor was not easy since he attends to many people.

Sometimes you would be having a conversation with your husband and he gets a call to come and pray for somebody in distress, she disclosed to The Spectator Agoro.

Ceccy revealed that some artistes also marry pastors because they enjoyed the limelight and spiritual support associated with the vocation.

Being a pastor’s wife brings you into the limelight makes you very popular and respected by everybody she stressed.

Ceccy said, as a pastor’s wife, she gets the opportunity to counsel people and chastise those who go wrong.

She attributed the breakdown of marriages among the gospel fraternity to impatience and lack of misunderstanding.

“There are issues in very marriage, it doesn’t matter whether you are a pastor’s wife or not, it is up to the couple to make a difference in the marriage,” Ceccy stressed.

“Pastors are human. It is only when my husband is in church that he is my spiritual father, but when we get home he is my husband,” she said, adding that “we play and crack jokes together.”

Rose Adjei, who is married to Prophet Rexford Antwi-Adjei also, described the role of ‘Osofo Maame’ as a great task because she served as a role model to many people.

According to her, being a pastor’s wife was about humility and service to God. She attributed the rate of divorce among gospel artistes to pride and disobedience.

“The perception that pastors’ wives have a way of dressing is false. There is no strict dressing code for them. What matters is their modesty and decency,” she stated.

Rose advised fellow artistes to be grateful to their spouses and stand by them in times of troubles. Florence Obinim, Monica owusu Ansah of Daughter of Glorious Jesus, Rose Adjei, Akosu Adjapong, Agnes Opoku Agyemang and Tina Asante are all pastors’ wives.

Others who were previously married to pastors or not otherwise include Gifty Osei, Obaapa Christy and Esther Smith.

Source: Linda Abrefi Wadie/The Spectator