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How Slim Busterr felt betrayed by FBS over the birth of their hit song 'Oldman Boogie'

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Wed, 8 Mar 2023 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Back in the day, Slim Busterr toured the country with dancers FBS originally made up of Najo, Dee, and Niche. However, an act that was termed a betrayal led to their separation.

Najo Habib Abass has recounted how their monster hit song 'Oldman Boogie' was secretly recorded in Slim Busterr's studio and how the song served as their major breakthrough in Ghana's music industry.

Speaking with Paula Amma Broni on Talkertainment, the singer narrated how they seized an opportunity to record their most popular tunes which still remains a favourite of music lovers.

"Our first song was recorded in Slim Busterr's studio. Slim Buster was out with his friends and we told his engineer that we can sing but he didn't believe us. He informed him of the songs we had written and he told us to record something. Slim Busterr wasn't aware and so we started doing something...he played the beat and after that, we sang the first 'Oldman Boogie' it wasn't the one you are hearing now.

"After three days, we told him to give us the copy without mixing...anytime we were on stage with Slim Busterr, my brother will take the CD to the DJ to make the selection for Slim Buster's performance and he will put our song at the bottom, he wasn't aware of this. After backing him, he leaves the stage for us to do the last dance and when our song was played, the crowd loved it," he told GhanaWeb.

The dancers, now musicians, continued to play their songs after Slim's performance until the singer onetime got to know about their singing talent.

On the account of FBS, the 'Marsherita' crooner felt betrayed after he was told to quit music and concentrate on building the brand of his dancers.

"Unlucky for us, on one of our trips to Takoradi, he didn't go to the dressing room and after our performance, the wild crowd followed us backstage. He was told to quit music and concentrate on us because our song was going to be big. A man just prophesied to him straight in the face. It got to him, he didn't feel okay. We were his pillar at that time and he was being told to quit and concentrate on us. That was a big blow, that day he didn't even talk to us...after some time, we realized that the relationship wasn't strong so we had to leave and start our own thing because he wasn't concentrating on us. He realized we betrayed him," Najo recounted.

FBS released their debut album 'Oluman Boogie' in the year 2000. The title track became a monster hit with many exhibiting the formation dance moves that accompanied the song.


Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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