I hate one night stand, it's an irresponsible act - Aaron Adatsi

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Fri, 15 May 2020 Source: tmghlive.com

Ghanaian actor of YOLO fame, Aaron Adatsi has revealed on the latest episode of Front View by TMGHLIVE that one night stand makes him sick to the stomach.

He is of the view that men should be in relationships rather than the aforementioned act.

He attributed his decision to his upbringing, where he said he was raised so well that he can't see himself in that practice.

He said women do give him pressure, and he sees it to be because he is famous, and that happens to famous women as well.

They also receive equal pressure from men out there. But his relationship with his female fans ends at that level of him just being nice and respectful to them and nothing further afterward.

Watch him below as he explains himself on Front View:

Source: tmghlive.com