I have to pay payola before my songs can be played - Gospel musician

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Mon, 10 Aug 2020 Source: svtvafrica.com

Gospel Musician, Elder Professor Kofi Toe, has revealed on SVTV Africa that, he pays payola before his songs are played on radio.

The musician who has been doing music for the past 19 years, with 16 albums credit, said he pays at least 400 cedis to DJs so his songs could be played on air.

Adding that, throughout his music journey, he is yet to ever perform at a gospel show in Ghana.

"The gospel industry is such that, if you don't know somebody, they will never call you for a show. They only feature their friends and loved ones on events, leaving some of us behind," he lamented.

According to him, the digital dispensation has really affected him because people no longer buy his Cassettes or CDs.

He has to always walk to people before his songs could be purchased.

Revealing that the rich don't even regard him.

"It is only the poor that will buy my CD. As for the rich, immediately you get closer to their car, they roll up their glass." He said.

He believes, there is no proper system to direct the activities of the music industry, hence calling on the government to set up a proper system; one that can put things right.

Watch his interview with SVTV Africa below;

Source: svtvafrica.com