'I only responded to your insults, not for hype' - Tinny to D-Black and Kwaw Kese

Tinny Aletse Tinny

Mon, 6 May 2019 Source: BMF

Rapper, Tinny has revealed to D-Black and Kwaw Kese that his response to them recently was to address insults targeted at him, and not to hype himself.

According to Tinny in a statement released from his BMF outfit addressing D-Black's recent interview with Dr.Poundz on Hitz FM, he charged D-Black to get his facts right before commenting on the matter.

He indicated that he does not need any hype from D-Black and Kwaw Kese to do a song or trend, adding that he would never sit unconcerned for them to unleash insults on him.

Tinny also cautioned him (D-Black) against attempts to fan his feud with Kwaw Kese and wrongfully misrepresent him.

"D-Black should shut up and get his facts well!!!... My response to their messages was only to disregard the insults they sent,"

For him, it never meant they should to take advantage of the hype surrounding the controversies, adding that he (Tinny) doesn't need them to trend.

"It sounds stupid to go on radio and say I come and party with you in the club always, for that reason, I should not disrespect your hustle," he added.

"He querried "Is it wrong to voice out my opinion?.. Eeee sane waaaa!! It's all about choices for all I know. If you're my friend and I no longer enjoy your works, I must say it. I don't fake."

According to him, "while the wise is trying to smoke the peace pipe, low minded D- Black is fooling around, adding petrol to fire."

Source: BMF