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I really respect prostitutes - Counsellor Lutterodt

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Fri, 13 Apr 2018 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

After openly scolding “out-of-favour” Moesha Boduong, outspoken marriage counsellor and relationship expert, George Lutterodt has revealed that he respects prostitutes more than ladies in other professions in the world.

The counsellor expressed shock at the level of courage exhibited by commercial sex workers especially the parading of dark and obscured areas comfortably at night to ply their trade.

George Lutterodt was speaking in an interview with KofiTV over Moesha’s comment on CNN’s Sex & Love around the World Series suggesting that women in Ghana cannot make ends meet without sleeping with men due to harsh economic conditions.

The Ghanaian actress told CNN’s Christiane Amanpour that Ghana’s economy is in a bad state and as a result young beautiful girls are forced to date married men in order to survive.

“Ghana our economy is such that you just need someone to take care of you because you can’t make enough money as a woman here. When you want to get an apartment, in Ghana you pay two years in advance and I just started working, where will I get the money’’, she stated.

Meanwhile Counsellor George Lutterodt has applauded the actress for being able to come out to declare her stand as a prostitute. He said Moesha has gained his respect in that regard as prostitution is not a profession for the faint-hearted.

According to him, the actress is the only one who has boldly declared her stand out of many prostitutes in the showbiz industry who parade themselves as celebrities in Ghana and thus urged the public to cease criticising her.

George Lutterodt said sex workers are super daring and therefore must be given the maximum respect

‘’ Moesha was bold enough to speak the truth. What did she say wrong? If as a lady you’ve been able to work hard to make earns meet? Why should Moesha’s comment bother you? ‘’Let’s look for the moral right of correcting what she has done wrong and stop behaving like ostriches

‘’I have huge respect prostitutes. So if someone speaks against them I get really upset.

‘’Even if you’re a man driving at dark places at night, you switch from dim light to highlight just because you’re scared. To your surprise, a lady comes out of the bushes and seduces you with her breast and buttocks. She is not moved by the rate at which mosquitoes are biting her. Prostitutes are anti-mosquitoes for that matter’’. He emphasised

Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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