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I slept with a Bill but not Kumawood's Bill Asamoah - Actress Xandy Kamel

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Fri, 11 May 2018 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Kumawood actress Xandy Kamel who revealed that her ex-lover Bill Asamoah is not sexually good in bed in a viral video has made a U-turn.

According to Xandy, she dated Bill Asamoah for some time and during their time together, she knew the popular actor with five other ladies but it did not bother her because Bill was not really good in bed.

“When I was dating Bill Asamoah, I knew he was dating five other ladies but I was not bothered because how long can Bill last? While I was dating Bill, he was not really good in bed,” she claimed.

However speaking in an exclusive interview with Ghanaweb's Bernice Owusuwaa, the 'Mary Go Round' actress has denied ever saying she's had a sexual relationship with the president of Actors Guild, Kumasi.

When pushed by the host, she responded that she mentioned Bill but not Bill Asamoah as has been reported.

"The video is true, I said Bill and not Bill Asamoah. Everybody can go back to the video and watch it again", she said.

She continued the Bill she mentioned in the viral video can be the popular Billionaire Bill Gate or any other Bill.

'I have two Bills in my Church, I even met a Bill on my way to Ghanaweb. My driver is called Bill, so it can be any of them", she retorted.

Miss Xandy told the host that though Bill Asamoah is a very good looking man, she doesn't find him attractive.

"Bill Asamoah is my president and senior colleague in the industry, even if he finds me attractive, I don't find him attractive... I haven't slept with him to know how good he is in bed".

She finally pleaded with Ghanaians to stop spreading false rumours.

Watch the video interview below

Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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