I will verbally assault you if you dare attack Strongman again - Strongman’s Manager warns entertainment critic

Strongman33 Ghanaian rapper, Strongman

Fri, 30 Apr 2021 Source: angelfmonlinegh.com

The Manager of Ghanaian rapper Strongman, Muhammed Muhi-Deen has threatened to verbally assault female entertainment critic, Ruthy Mummie for saying Sarkodie used his artiste, Strongman to pound fufu.

The manager issued this threat in a Facebook post where he alleged that the radio pundit was spewing lies to chase clout.

According to him, the radio pundit disrespected the Strongman brand with the disparaging things she said – and he would have none of it!

In the post, Muhammed Muhi-Deen wrote, “ This should be the last you sit on any platform to spew lies and disrespect to the Strongman brand. Respect yourself and stay away from anything Strongman-related. Else The next time I come at you, no right activist and NGO can save you. In case you fail to heed to this, I will verbally assault you to the point that, you’ll feel them as imprints on your body.”He also added that he chose to refrain from insulting her because of his religious restrictions but not her gender.

Muhammed Muhi-Deen explaining his Facebook post on Kumasi-based Angel Drive Time hosted by Ike De Unpredictable monitored by Ghtimesonline.com said he means what he posted on Facebook.

“Ike, the next time that lady will say something bad about Strongman, she will not see the bad side of me. I will verbally assault her. If she tries today, I will end my fasting and verbally assault her”

Muhammed Muhi-Deen stated Strongman was not used to pound fufu for Sarkodie but he worked with Sarkodie on a contract agreement.

Source: angelfmonlinegh.com
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