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I would avoid dating a woman who is richer than I am – John Dumelo

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Fri, 21 Jul 2017 Source: nydjlive.com

It’s no news that women are interested in settling with financially secured men or men with potentials but over time, it has been established that men also prefer to marry women who are equally sound financially or have great potentials.

The question however remains as to what extent a man would prefer his wife gets richer especially since most men opine that rich women are often disrespectful or have ‘attitudes’ towards their husbands.

Well, in one of the episodes of educative and informative television programme What Men Like which airs on GTV, Ghanaian actor John Dumelo revealed he would try to avoid a financially sound woman.

Well, his decision is not borne out of popular opinion that men are intimidated by their richer partners.

According to the actor, he doesn’t mind going out with a rich woman but..

“I don’t mind going out with a woman who has more money than I do but I would make sure I have my own money as well…I wouldn’t want a case where I depend on the woman financially.. that is when women are bad…”

I would want to know if she’s comfortable and everything but that’s not really important to me.. What matters is how ambitious she is, how effective and supportive she is.. Fortunately or unfortunately, when women have a lot of money, they tend to be somehow disrespectful …”

I just want a woman who is OK but the potential is there to be rich, for us to be rich together. She’s ambitious, she’s a go getter, she’s entrepreneurial. We can get money together.

Watch full video from below.

Source: nydjlive.com
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