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If it’s not broken, you don’t fix it – Socrate Safo to Dumelo

Filmmaker Socrate Safo who is known to be affiliated to the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) has said he does not support John Dumelo’s ambition to be Member of Parliament (MP) for Ayawaso West Wuogon because the current MP is serving the people well.

Mr. Dumelo, a candidate for the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) has rated the performance of Lydia Seyram Alhassan abysmal and has subsequently urged the constituents to give him the nod in the December 2020 polls.

The actor cum politician making a submission on 3FM’s Showbiz972 remarked that the incumbent has neglected her constituents and has failed to execute her duties.

“Before I won the primaries, was she working like this? No, as soon as I won my primaries and started working, she is now working extra hard because she has seen that the seat is not for her and I want you to go and tell her that the seat is not for her,” he told host MzGee.

“She has lost it already. If she can decide to do the roads again or even put gold on the roads, she will lose; that’s the truth,” he added.

Mr. Safo however disagreed with Dumelo. In what appeared to be a dig at the NDC candidate, Safo said unlike Dumelo who has suddenly become a traffic warden and a slay king just to capture the attention of constituents, Madam Alhassan has been working assiduously as expected.

“We don’t need a traffic warden please; we need somebody who will go and make the laws for us and somebody who will also lobby for projects for their constituency and Lydia is already doing that,” he noted.

He continued: “I don’t support him [DUmelo] because I know that from the look on the grounds, Lydia is performing, and if it is not broken, you don’t fix it. Whatever the constituency needs, Lydia is performing.”

Although Safo will not support Dumelo, he stressed his resolve should not be misconstrued as an act of hatred.

“…that doesn’t make me and John Dumelo enemies,” he insisted. “Anytime, I see his film, if I am to produce today, I will cast John Dumelo. He is a fine artiste, one of the best artistes we have in the country."

Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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