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It’s wicked to keep patrons waiting for late start of an event – Kofi Kapito to Event Organizers

Kofi Kapito CPA11 Kofi Kapito

Wed, 5 Jun 2019 Source: kasapafmonline.com

Several guests present at the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards held at the Conference Center-New Dome have complained bitterly about the recent happenings with regards to the unsatisfactory organization of the 20th edition.

A regular event patron at entertainment shows, Kofi Kapito has vowed not to attend shows because he thinks most event organizers are taking guests who attend their shows for granted.

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Consumer Protection Agency told Kojo Preko Dankwa, host of Starr FM’s ‘Morning Zoo‘, that most organizers of events in Ghana have on several occasions shown gross disrespect to their clients.

Making reference to VGMA’s poor organization of the 20th edition, Kofi Kapito stated that it is most embarrassing when after many years of successes, organizers keep failing to live up to expectation regarding the continuous late start of the awards event.

He described the situation as unfortunate and wicked keeping guests seated throughout the night till the following day.

According to Kapito, considering the number of years Charterhouse have hosted the awards scheme, it was imperative to score above eighty per cent [80%] for the entire organization of the twenty years anniversary of the scheme.

“Why should I come to a show which was advertised to start at 8pm but I sit from 9pm to 10pm no MC on the stage. At 11pm, a joker MC walks on to the stage to apologize for the late start of the event. It is Nonsense.” Kapito said

He also stated that due to poor planning of events, he has stopped attending shows.

“I don’t go to shows anymore because I’ve other things to do. Why should I stay in an auditorium till 2am?. It is wicked to keep patrons waiting for an event to start late in the night.” Kapito complained bitterly

He further advised patrons who buy tickets or pay for services at shows to demand what is rightly due to them concerning the proper organization of events.

“That is why I’m trying to educate consumers in Ghana that their most powerful weapon is their MONEY so they shouldn’t let anybody take advantage of their money. Every business is business because of money.

“That is why in other countries, they respect the customer, they respect the consumer because they know without you they can never survive. You advise the Ghanaian about their rights and they will decline.” Kofi Kapito explained to Kojo Preko Dankwa

He applauded Uncle Ebo Whyte, the CEO of Roverman Productions, for being someone who starts his events on time, advising others to do same.

Kofi Kapito has been a staunch advocate of consumer rights.

Source: kasapafmonline.com
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