Juliet Ibrahim says she is hotter than Kim Kardashian

Wed, 20 Feb 2013 Source: Prime News Ghana

Juliet Ibrahim has added her voice to the ongoing controversy surrounding Kim Kardashian’s 45 seconds appearance at an event in Lagos last weekend.

In a post directly targeted at the organizers of the February 17 ‘Love Like a Movie concert’, she questions why they had to pay so much for Kim Kardashian’s services, only for her to make a short appearance.

Ibrahim suggested it’s about time African organizers start appreciating home grown talent, instead of looking far for options that do little to improve their ratings, as in the case of Miss Kardashian.

“Ok Here’s my 2cents! Been reading comments about Darey’s concert and to be honest I don’t see why he will pay so much money and fly Kim k to Naija just for a 45secs intro on his show,” she says.

Still struggling to believe the organizers had to pay that much for a near no-show, she asks “Like seriously?”

“Bro you could have flown me from Ghana and I would have represented! lol no hard feelings but it’s about time we start appreciating our very own African talents then paying all these foreigners so much for 45 secs performances.

“Check me out, way hotter than some of them peeps una dey pay big bucks for nothing better,” a note accompanying a good-looking image of herself on Instagram read.

The ‘Love like a Movie concert’ was held on February 17, at the Eko Hotel & Suites Convention Centre in Victoria Island, Lagos.

Source: Prime News Ghana