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KKD counts his blessings on 50th birthday

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It doesn’t take much time for legendary Ghanaian broadcaster Kwasi Kyei Darkwa to count his blessings.

Talk about his beautiful deceased wife, children, clients and family, KKD in a long post on his social media page has a lot to tell his fans and the world as he celebrate his golden birthday; today he is 50-years-old.

“Loaned me a wife in youth then took her away. Granted me beautiful children and strengthened me to stay. To raise, educate, entertain and elevate them. Through fair and foul weather”, the renowned entertainment personality wrote.

He also talked about how God set a table for him in the presence of enemies and filled him with talents to love and serve his nation.

Read his full message below:

Happy birthday to His Royal Blackness; HRB

God's humble servant, culture lover KKD

Thank God for His abundant love and family

And friends and clients, loyalty and sincerity

I count my blessings, name them one by one

And I am grateful for what the Lord has done

Gifted me a cheerful upbringing and education

Filled me with talents to love and serve my nation

Loaned me a wife in youth then took her away

Granted me beautiful children and strengthened me to stay

To raise, educate, entertain and elevate them

Through fair and foul weather, He held me to adore them

With help from selfless family and special Earth Angels

He blessed me to feed them and guide them and teach them

No greater job have I known than the role of father

It takes pride of place over Managing Director

High above Public Affairs & Communications Director

More important to me than Arbiter of Culture

It trumps my early career as TV & Radio Presenter

It beats my years in work as Advertising Manager

Fills me with pride so to be a doting father

To the children I have raised, Darkwah & Ohemaa

I am thankful for the many pleasures in my life

The air, water, food, shelter, style and jive

But nothing exceeds the love for les enfants Kyei-Darkwah

My passion, my pride, my joy forever

In life we'll find many things we chase are fleeting

The loved houses, planes, boats and cars take a beating

Brand-new today, so passé tomorrow

Sunrise of happiness, sunset of sorrow

But true faith in God and deep love for family

Sound mind in sound body, nurtured steadily These in good measure the blessed have readily

I pray they give pleasure and inspire others verily

Life is not a competition for hunter-gatherer

Nor expedition of unnecessaries for obscene power and money-chaser

Loaded cash and hoarded gold did not discover penicillin

If all the loot can't cure illness, money ain't everything

I have lived, and live on, and know this for sure

Life is being alive, well and thankful, nothing more

But to love and give freely each day an act of kindness

To someone, anyone, somewhere in God's universe

To brighten your corner to add light to some special interest

And give your contribution before in peace you rest To accept Gratitude is the Aristocrat of Attitude

And be thankful each day for life no matter your altitude

I thank God for His love and wisdom, I must confess

My worries are many but my blessings outnumber them; Yes

I am thankful to God, my parents, family and well-wishers

My heart and soul are filled with love; I am blessed. #happybirthday #blessed #ashanti #gh #uk #hisroyalblackness #kkdwisewords #thankful

Source: Ghanaweb

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