Samini Never Tried To Spoil The Show In Any Ways- Anthony B

Mon, 12 Mar 2012 Source: ghamaicans.com

Like we stated earlier in previous reports, our efforts to reach Anthony B before he got on flight to South Africa could not materialize...

...(until two members Bailie and Fresh whom via statements online, we are made to believe were part of Anthony B’s team) had to give some responses after reading the first story we put out concerning the “conflicts”.

About some hours after Bailie and Fresh (Anthony B team members) wrote back in defense of themselves, the international Jamaican singjay, Anthony Keith Blair, himself has come out to respond to Moscow One’s utterances. Below is the full text of what Anthony B himself wrote back to explain his point.

Anthony B says - “Ok I'm one of the musicians and I can tell Moscow is lying. I can testify that he did avoid to meet us all the time, especially after the concert. The way Moscow depicts the whole story is totally invented by him.

Samini never tried to spoil the show in any ways! Samini is a great guy, he helped us when he saw we were totally abandoned by Moscow. I don't want to talk too much here but my people from Ghana, I want to let you know that Moscow gives a really bad image of your country and of your people.

All year long and for many years now we've seen promoters all around the world, so we can easily recognize when a man is not a real professional and this man is definitely not. How could you believe that Anthony B could ever screw Africa?? Did he perform?

For how long? I remember the sun rising on stage!!! This trip to Ghana was a real disappointment. And of course....we did not get paid. Just for your information, we NEVER go on stage without having collected the money BEFORE the show UNLESS it is AFRICA. Ok mi done talk now,” he concluded.

Source: ghamaicans.com