Movies Fri, 30 Sep 2016

Kobina Ansah’s ‘My Wife Inlaw' goes to Kumasi

Theatre in Ghana is gradually taking an exciting twist as more creative brains have decided to venture into it. It is no wonder one of Ghana’s youngest, fast-rising playwright, Kobina Ansah, wowed his audience in Legon unendingly for two hours with his latest sidesplitting, humorous three-cast play, My Wife-In-Law.

Known for his unique, catchy titles and great sense of humor, Kobina Ansah has staged four high standard plays; This Family Is Not For Sale Season 1, This Family Is Not For Sale Season 2, I Want To Sue God! and recently, My Wife-In-Law.

In University of Ghana, ‘My Wife-In-Law’ was a boom! The audience was held spellbound by only three characters who spelt out all the lessons hidden in the play clearly.


Guess what? The ‘My Wife-In-Law’ train is in Kumasi specifically CCB Auditorium, KNUST on Sunday, October 16, 2016. First show is 5pm. Second show is 8pm.

Tagged “Marriage is for two… not three”, ‘My Wife-In-Law’ contains enough humor to make your ribs crack!

Source: abrantepa.com