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Kofi B's brother is ungrateful - Angry organizers of one week celebration unravel truth

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Fri, 15 May 2020 Source: svtvafrica.com

Alex Gyasi, the brain behind late Kofi B’s one-week celebration has regarded brother of highlife legend as an ungrateful person.

It will be recalled that brother of late Kofi B, Kofi Osei, has accused organizers of his brother’s one-week celebration headed one Mr. Alex Gyasi of Money theft among others.

Kofi Osei accused the organizers of keeping majority of the money generated from the one-week celebration for themselves. This has generated a lot of controversies in the airwaves.

This didn't go down well with the businessman; hence he described Kofi Osei as ungrateful.

In an interview with host DJ Nyaami on SVTV Africa, Mr. Gyasi explained that, everything Kofi Osei said is untrue. He said he did everything with good intentions and for the wellbeing of Kofi B’s children.

Mr. Gyasi revealed that, since Kofi B passed on, his young is being selfish and wants everything for himself which he (Alex Gyasi) is not in support, the reason why Kofi Osei is going around tarnishing his image.

“After Kofi B’s death, we realized Kofi B has lots of children. We’ve decided to do something for the kids, for their wellbeing. So I spoke to some high profiled people who are willing to help. Kofi Osei, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to care about the kids. He has been driving his late brother’s car anyhow, when I approached him to stop using the car until we finish everything, his disagreed and since then, started behaving weird towards me. So I think, Kofi Osei is just being selfish and thinking about only him. He just wants everything for himself.” Mr. Gyasi said.

Mr. Gyasi added that, Kofi Osei decided not join any meeting concerning his late brother.

He added that, during the funeral planning, Kofi Osei gave him a lot of trouble but he overlooked it and moved on because he had a lot of love and respect for his big brother.

Mr. Gyasi noted that, he has not spent a dime from the funeral money but rather monies received from donors have been used for its purpose and the remaining has been given to the family.

The businessman, however, noted that he won’t take any legal actions against Kofi Osei for accusing falsely. He said has given everything to God and posterity will judge everybody.

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Source: svtvafrica.com