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Sat, 21 Jan 2017 Source: abrantepa.com

Samsung. McDonalds. KFC. Vodafone. Dell. Microsoft. Dangote. Rovermans. UT. Perez Chapel. NDC. NPP. Groupe Nduom. Papaye. Waakye On Wheels. UB40. These are a few of the many brands that have made an indelible impact on their communities and even the world beyond. At the mention of their names, a particular thought sinks into our minds. Their products continually bring smiles to the generation they serve.

Every brand or product is an idea. An idea when processed and refined becomes a viable brand or product. In other words, every admirable brand you see down the street was once only a faint idea on someone’s mind. Every product or service you can’t do without was once only a hint of an idea lingering on another’s mind.

An idea is like air. You think it’s cheap until you need to pay for it. Every luxury car you have spent so much on, for instance, many years back was somewhat a ‘cheap’ idea on the creator’s mind. If they had indeed treated it cheaply, they would never have translated that idea on their minds into reality. No idea is cheap.

Though an idea may look small, it yields great results in the end. It’s like the small mustard seed that yields a big tree when planted. Many brands are employing thousands and millions of people. Facebook, for instance, connects millions of users weekly aside the thousands of others who solely do business there; same as Twitter, Instagram and other social media platforms. Mind you, all of these began as just a drop of an idea!

Ideas are very expensive though they look cheap at the onset. You may discard them through the window when they come to you. Many of us are drowning in poverty when our thoughts are flooded with ideas day in and out. We go around hailing the ideas of others not knowing how great those on our minds are.

Your idea is your money! Don’t mistreat it. Ideas are wealth. Never disregard them. That idea on your mind can be all you ever need to live in perpetual wealth on this Earth. Bill Gates is who he is because of an idea! When God wants to bless a man, He doesn’t rain money from the Heavens on him. He endows him with ideas!

Take note, however, that God gives the same idea(s) to as many people as He can simultaneously. Little wonder, there’s nothing new under the Sun. Another is thinking of the same idea you’re thinking of, too. So… start doing! Start planting your ideas. Start watering them. Start growing what’s on your mind. Time is not on your side. This is your idea year; your ‘id-year’!

An idea deferred may only be an idea denied because before you think about it, someone else had thought about it, too. Frankly, I have a collection of over 500 quotes which I’m putting together in a book. In the meantime, we have put some of such quotes on mugs called Scribe mugs available on the market. I was awed when a client recently walked up to me that he had been just thinking of putting some quotes of his on mugs and next thing was… he saw our #Scribemugs! Well. We beat him to it. As he thought, so did we think, too.

Your idea is not exclusive to you. It will amaze you how many people are thinking just as you are. Most of us walk down the street seeing others living our dreams only for us to scream, “I had this same idea!” Well. You did but… someone else had it, too.

Ideas are wealth sitting on your mind. Exhume them. They are too expensive to be wasted in your head. Try them with your hands as and when they come because it may be too late sooner or later. You don’t have time on your hands!

Your idea is sitting on a time bomb. Someone is thinking just as you are. If this doesn’t prompt you to hasten to put it into action, I don’t know what else may. Go make your ideas a reality. 2017 is your ‘id-year’!

Source: abrantepa.com