Music Fri, 2 Apr 2004

?Lord Kenya? Is The Winner?In Look-Alike Show

Hiplife heavyweight Lord Kenya sure has a peculiar stagecraft, little wonder Francis Ofori won the ultimate when he aptly imitated him at the first Look-Alike show held at the National Theatre last Saturday by Royal House Entertainment.

It did not come as a surprise when Francis was declared winner because when MC Kofi Okyere Darko (KOD), a presenter at Radio Gold asked the ecstatic crowd who they thought was winner, loud screams of ?Lord Kenya, Lord Kenya? was the response.

Boy, the guy must be absolutely wild about Lord Kenya and has obviously observed and studied his stagecraft to a fault. He kept the enthusiastic crowd screaming with his very first appearance as contestant number 30.

But for the fact that he is slightly shorter than Lord Kenya himself, Francis could have succeeded in confusing everyone as to whether or not he is the real Lord Kenya ? from the zeal with which he appeared on stage, his costume, smile and his entire showmanship was typical Lord Kenya.

With equally impressive performances, Jerry Quartey and Isaac Kobby emerged first and second runners-up as Michael Jackson and Daddy Lumba Look-Alike.

The show saw over 40 contestants imitating the likes of Nelson Mandela, former President Rawlings, Celine Dion, Michael Jackson, Kojo Antwi, Daddy Lumba, Bob Marley, Lucky Dube, Bishop Okalla and the Late Bob Santo and Terry Bonchaka.

Though Ghana?s first president none of the contestants came up to imitate him.

Koo Fori of Radio Gold must have been a threat to the Rawlings contestants with his brilliant imitation of the former president as a side attraction. His excellent make-up was done by Johnson Edu of the National Theatre. The contestants themselves did not look anything like former president Rawlings though some did well mimicking him.

Goodness, the Bob Santo, Bishop Okalla and Terry Bonchaka finalists were superb, too bad they could not make it to the top three due to the highly competitive nature of the event. Seriously, looking at those three one cannot help but conclude that everyone has a look-alike.

Quiet frankly, some of the contestants did not have any business taking up the characters they did because they did not have anything to show, neither the looks nor acts of the persons. At least they could have relied on some good make-ups imagine a Bob Marley without dreadlocks or a very skinny dark Rawlings.

There were spectacular performances by Slim Busterr, Akasakyerema, FBS, Mzbel and Batman.

Mzbel is one artiste to watch out for, great arrangement with her music and impressive stagecraft. If she continues her act the way she did last Saturday, the young lady will go places.

When Batman got on stage, he stood tall among all the artistes and got everyone on their feet, singing along and dancing. After doing excerpts of some of the songs he had with artiste like Paa Solo and Kokovelli, he nearly brought the whole auditorium down with his own song Linda.

Co-MCs for the evening were Akumaa Mama Zimbi of Adom FM and Papa Sly of Music Music fame. Papa Sly may have to settle for jokes as most of what he did on Saturday were either stale or not too funny. He is a good dancer though.

Kudos to Harry Laud?s Royal House Entertainment for a good show, undoubtedly an improvement on their first attempt at organizing shows of this nature.

The Kumasi event comes off on April, 16 at the Prempeh Assembly Hall and is expected to be another thriller.


Source: ghanamusic.com