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Management explains 35 minutes silence

One of the topical issues that has come up for discussion after the just ended 6th edition of Tigo Ghana Meets Naija 2016 concert, is Rapper E.L's performance.

The just crowned VGMAs 2016 "Artiste of the year" who came on stage during the round two of the three musical bout at Accra International Conference Centre had a great appearance but an unexpected technical hitch almost affected his entire performance on Saturday May 21.

There have also being some reports that the Rapper was booed during his performance but E.L's management have rubbished that reports and explained to Peacefmonline.com what really happened on stage that created a frustrating 35 minutes silence during his performance.

Management of the "Koko" hitmaker have explained what really transpired on the night in the statement below.

"E.L’s opening was stunning in the least, the Artiste Of The Year came in with clones (4 Look-A-Likes) of himself scattered across the venue rapping simultaneously to “King Without A Crown”.

The B.A.R then made his way down from 12ft off the ground as the lights revealed him posted up above the LED Displays.

What seemed to be a grand entrance to a promising performance saw the next song “Hallelujah” fill up the auditorium as fans went crazy for the hit song.….and then. SILENCE. The Sound went off. Totally…for 35 Minutes. Now, let's cast our memories back just a bit.

We witnessed at the just ended VGMA how Bisa K’dei was thrown off his whole performance after bumping into one of his own dancers on stage. It's safe to say the crooner never fully recovered to his usual performance standards on the night.

Also, just a few weeks ago, BET Award winner Stonebwoy was trending online after he choose to “Drop mic” and “Exit Stage Left” after a fan came up on stage while he was performing & mimicked his walk.

Honestly, these three incidents are not similar in any way. However, we’d like to think our celebrities and performers are professional enough to stay focused & stay PROFESSIONAL when the unexpected happens on stage.

As much as 35 minutes of silence at a Music Concert would be detrimental to any performer, we would like to say Kudos to E.L. As the silence grew louder, the artiste engaged the crowd & host with some jokes and chitchat in a bid to ease the tensions as the technicians worked on restoring the sound.

Later…than sooner…on the 36th Minute (Yes, we was keeping time) the sound was restored and the performer got back to his act. At this point, fans and spectators had lost their zeal and cheers had died down as boredom had taken over the auditorium.

Nonetheless, the “Artiste Of The Year” delivered a performance that we’ve grown to love and admire. The hit songs followed one after the other as the crowd was invigorated once more to cheer, dance and sing along. The performance went into a medley of Choruses that followed into the dance hit “Shelele”.

E.L’s night on stage ended with arguably his best received song yet, “KoKo”. The climax to his set was backed with a Pyrotechnic spectacle that shows just how much the artiste & his label BBNZ invest in bringing the music to life off & on stage.

Sadly, our media and news outlets yet again have missed the bulls-eye. Are our artistes to blame when Technical errors occur? Do we blame the hardworking performers & entertainers when the unexpected happens?

We guess that's our topic for discussion In the Words of E.L. himself “Wahala be Koko For My God O”.

EL's management told Peacefmonline.com emphatically that the Rapper was never booed at any point of his performance and the technical hitch was totally the fault of the organisers.

Source: peacefmonline.com