Mzbel, Tracy Boakye behaving like 'prostitutes' on the street - Counselor Lutterodt fires

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Fri, 7 Aug 2020 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Controversial marriage counsellor, George Lutterodt, has waded into the drama that is unfolding between Kumawood actress Tracy Boakye, and musician Mzbel, saying the two women are behaving like prostitutes on the street

According to counsellor Lutterodt, he wasn’t surprised when he heard the ongoing banter between the two women because to him, what is happening is a confirmation of all that he keeps saying about celebrities, that people misunderstood and vilified him and others for it.

Counsellor Lutterodt sharing his opinion on Entertainment Review on Peace FM monitored by GhanaWeb, said prostitution among celebrities, has been something he has talked about all the time.

He explained that Tracey Boakye had sparked controversy a week ago when she said any woman who sleeps with a man who has not married her is a prostitute, and also that she doesn’t have money to help people, but when she introduces someone to another person, and they behave well for a continuing relationship with that person, then she has been able to help that person.

According to counsellor Lutterodt, these statements by Tracy Boakye was the truth and it goes farther to confirm that most celebrities are prostitutes and pimps.

Counsellor Lutterodt said there are five categories of women in every man’s life; wife, sex mate which is also prostitute, girlfriend, baby mama, and side chicks. He said, Tracy Boakye and Mzbel both can be found in this category, and it is unfortunate that they decided to fight in public to expose their trade secrets.

He said the two of them can be likened to the two prostitutes who went to King Solomon in the bible fighting over a baby.

It is unclear what started the shameful banter between Tracy Boakye and Mzbel, but the two kept dissing each other and revealing secretes in a live video with Tracey Boakye claiming Mzbel couldn’t get much from the sugar daddy they are both chasing, unlike her that got a house and many other things. She bragged among other things that she has asked the sugar daddy not to give Mzbel any more gifts.

Mzbel also replied with video teasing and laughing at the actress that she uses blackmail and fights to take things from the said man and, and that for someone sleeping with a married man, she should not be bragging about it the way she is on social media.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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