Entertainment Tue, 19 Apr 2016

Nakorex did not split because of my divorce - Amanzeba

A member of defunct Nakorex music group, Amanzeba Nat Brew, has dispelled assertions that the group split because of his divorce with fellow member, Akosua Agyepong.

According to Amanzeba, the group which also had Rex Omar as a member split because there was lack of cooperation at certain instances.

“Everybody was beautiful in an individual way. I think it got to a time there was no synergy… Rex came up with 'Abiba', it was huge. And if you are not careful, you get carried away by the current that accompanied your success. I think he got himself so much engrossed into it that there was no time. So when one is ready, the other is not… Not at all. We broke up before the divorce,” he said on Joy FM’s Rhythmz A-Z.

There has been numerous speculations about the cause of the split of the famous 1990s highlife group. Some had suggested that Rex Omar and Nat Brew ‘clashed’ over Akosua Agyepong and that fuelled the split.

But in 2015, Rex Omar indicated that the group broke up because there was a collective desire to build solo careers.

“People concocted stories that Nat and I clashed over Akos [Akosua Agyepong] – it is never true. I married at age 24. I had a wife even before NAKOREX came together,” he had said

Source: pulse.com.gh